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July Newsletter 2019 

Pressure washing your home offers a number of valuable benefits – it’s no surprise why so many homeowners and condo communities schedule regular cleanings. But still, some folks ask us to get more specific.

So, why pressure wash your home? Let’s go through some of the biggest reasons.

Home Pressure Washing Benefits – Number 1: A Clean Home is a Beautiful Home

Pressure washing blasts away mold, grime, bird droppings, stains, and so much more. Cleansed of all that mess, your home will look as good as new!

There’s no feeling like coming home to your own property and seeing that your house is beautiful and shining like it just got a fresh coat of paint. The colors are more vibrant, the whole property seems refreshed and picturesque, and the sense of pride you’ll get in having one of the most well-maintained houses in the neighborhood is hard to get any other way. It’s a lot like running your car through the car wash – it’s a lot more fun to ride in when it’s sparkly clean, and you’ll be a lot happier to step into it.

Home Pressure Washing Benefits – Number 2: A Clean Home is a Valuable Home

Pressure washing is also great when you’re putting your house on the market!

If you’re selling your house, home pressure washing is a super effective way to boost curb appeal. If you want people to make an offer on one of the biggest purchases of their lives, you need to make a great first impression. Your house has to be inviting and exciting, if possible, to motivate people to make offers. The best way to do that, of course, is with a home that looks great!

If you can afford it, or have the time to invest yourself, careful landscaping is another big plus when it comes to, “putting your best shingle forward,” so to speak. Want some hard statistics? Consumer Reports says that the value of cleaning (and decluttering) your home when selling it can help you increase the sale price by 3-5%! A professional pressure wash from Always Shine can help generate huge returns and put a lot of money back in your pocket… potentially tens of thousands of dollars!

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Home Pressure Washing Benefits – Number 3: A Clean Home is a Healthy Home

All that mold, mildew, and more can actually get into your home if you don’t keep up with cleanings and maintenance – and once it’s in, getting it out is hard. Infestation then can have a serious negative impact on the air quality in your home, causing illness and creating severe
health risks for the elderly, asthmatic, or other vulnerable people. A home can’t function as a sanctuary if it’s got mold and mildew issues wreaking havoc inside. Keep your home clean and keep your loved ones healthy.

Home Pressure Washing Benefits – Number 4: A Clean Home is a Paint-Ready Home

If you’re going to paint your house and it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, pressure washing is an important step for prepping your exterior for painting. You don’t want to paint on mold, mildew, and grime unless you’re trying to create a disaster down the road. Get your exterior fully clean and your paint job will last and look great for years to come.

Home Pressure Washing Benefits – Number 5: A Clean Home is Clean Everywhere

Pressure washing isn’t just about siding and keeping your exterior paint job looking great. There are tons of areas that can benefit from a pressure wash to clear away the years of grimy buildup:

  • Sidewalks, stone walkways, brick
  • Patios and wood decks
  • Outdoor furniture (find out what color it used to be back when it was new!)
  • Fencing
  • Garages
  • Pool areas (maybe you love nature, but don’t let your pool become a swamp)
  • Statues, decorations, and signage
  • Roofs

Pressure washing offers a ton of benefits, but doing pressure washing yourself can do more harm than good sometimes. If you fire up a pressure washer and blast away there’s no telling what you might ruin. The best way is to leave it to the pros at Always Shine so nothing gets damaged.

Kick back and we’ll get everything sparkly clean while you sip a beverage and watch your house transform into the nicest looking home on the block.

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