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Rainy weather is just around the corner. It’s time to pull out your fall home maintenance list and get to work. One particularly important item on that list is getting your gutters cleaned. Sacramento summers are hard on gutters. Leaves and other debris collect for months with no rain to wash them down. By September, every home in Sacramento is due for a gutter cleaning service.

What do you Get with a Gutter Cleaning Service?

If you let wet dirt and leaves sit against your home for months, problems ensue. Getting your gutters cleaned is probably more important than you realize.

  • Keep Pests Outside – Wet dirt creates a wonderful habitat for bugs and other pests. They nestle into those dirty gutters against your house, and when the temperature drops at night, they start looking for ways to join you inside.
  • Stop Mildew – As moisture sits against your roof, mildew will start to grow, and if left all winter, it can cause a mold problem in your home. Mold poses a major health risk, especially for young children and seniors.
  • Prevent Water Damage – We love remodeling just as much as you, but we think you should get to choose when and how it happens. The water that runs off your roof has to go somewhere. If it can’t go down your gutters, it might go into your ceiling or walls requiring major home repairs.
  • Stay Dry – If water can’t go down the pipe, it will eventually find its way over the side. No one likes getting a cold shower of rainwater as they get into their car in the morning.
  • Block Erosion – If water pours down onto the dirt instead of going down a pipe onto a cement pad like it’s supposed to, it will erode the soil around your house. This causes unsightly holes in the ground and can kill trees and other plants.
  • Keep the Basement Dry – It’s essential to make sure that water is flowing away from your house once it comes out of the downspout. If it’s going back towards your basement, you can end up with water damage in your foundation.

All of these issues can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s easy and inexpensive to have your gutters cleaned once a year. Think of it as extra insurance against a host of issues. Once your gutters are clean, you can happily sit inside with a hot drink and enjoy the sound of the rain, knowing you and your home will stay warm and dry.

We’ll Take Care of Your Home from Top to Bottom

We can save you a gigantic headache and thousands of dollars. Our crew will clean out your gutters, make sure water is flowing away from your foundation, and clean up our mess before we go.

You will hardly know we were here, and your gutters work hard for you all winter, directing water away from your home. Get a quote and schedule your gutter cleaning service in just five minutes with our online system.

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