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Selecting the Right Power Washing Company

Always Shine Sacramento - Pressure Washing

Always Shine Sacramento – Pressure Washing

Power washing is a great way to clean the exterior of your home or business. But before you hire a power washing company, there are some things you need to keep in mind. Here are some tips for selecting the right power washing company near you for the job.

Hire a Company that Uses Safety Equipment

Make sure the company you hire provides full safety equipment for their employees. This includes helmets, and hard hats. The company should also provide protection for your plants and landscaping by using tarps to cover them during the cleaning process. 

Ask About Insurance Coverage

The business you hire should have liability insurance so you are not held responsible if someone gets injured while working on your home or business. Asking about insurance coverage demonstrates an interest in protecting yourself from accidents that could turn into costly lawsuits. Make sure the water supply used to clean your home’s exterior is from a pressurized tank and not directly from the company truck. You don’t want to be drinking or swimming in polluted tap water.

Inquire What Type of Detergents They Use

You do not want a power washing company that uses detergents that could damage your property, such as toilet bowl cleaners or oven cleaners. Ask what type of detergent they use for power washing jobs and ask about their chemical storage methods to prevent contamination.

Get a Written Estimate

It is always wise to get a written estimate from the power washing company you are considering hiring. Make sure you know exactly what services they will provide, the length of time it should take them, and how much you should expect to pay for the job before giving them final approval. Finally, write down the name of their insurance provider in case something happens while they are working on your property.

Pressure Washing Commercial Property

Pressure Washing Commercial Property

Look for References

One of the best ways to check out a power washing company’s reputation is by asking for references from past customers. A reputable power washing company will be happy to provide you with a list of references from satisfied customers. Call those references and ask about the quality of the work, the length of time it took for them to complete the job, and if there were any issues that arose during or after their service was provided.

Ask Specific Questions About Their Techniques

It is important to determine whether or not a company uses manual washing techniques versus pressure washing techniques. Manual methods can actually damage wood surfaces, so this should raise some red flags right away unless they are using specific chemicals designed for such purposes. Asking what types of detergents they use and inquire about water softeners as well since hard water can cause problems for wood surfaces.

Discuss Your Needs with the Power Washer Before Hiring Them

 It is important to discuss your needs with the power washers before hiring them so they can advise you on whether or not it’s possible for them to do the job successfully. For example, if you have an older home, then ladders may be required which could pose a problem since most ladder companies will not cover homes over 25 feet high without charging extra fees. They may also tell you that stains like oil & grease require special chemicals that must be purchased.

Power Washing Residential Property Sacramento CA

Power Washing Residential Property Sacramento CA

Get Everything in Writing

If the power washing company does not provide you with everything in writing, then move on to another provider since this indicates an unwillingness to be open and honest. If you are not comfortable hiring them, then it is best that you find another company to perform the service.

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