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How much does Power Washing Cost?

How much does Power Washing Cost?

How much does power washing cost? It is important to know what the average price is so that you can be prepared when you need to have this service done. Power washing can be a great way to clean the exterior of your home, and it is crucial that you get an accurate estimate so that you are not surprised by the final cost.

How much does Power Washing Cost?
How much does Power Washing Cost?

Average Power Washing Costs:

  • $4.50/sq ft – House Exteriors, All Cleaned Up

» Summary: The average cost of a power wash is about $4.50/sq ft or a little over $200 for a typical home with 2,000 sq ft. This price does not include pressure-washing decks and siding. This pricing comes from finding two sources that agree on the average price of power washing, there are various other options that give different numbers but these two were the most similar to each other (~$206-$222). It is important to remember this because it could be the difference between getting an accurate estimate and being surprised by additional costs when you go to hire power washing services.

  • $92 total – One-Story House,

» Summary: gives a flat rate of $92 for exterior power washing on one-story houses less than 2,600 sq ft in an unrestricted neighborhood and between 5 and 30 minutes from their location. While this price is not strictly comparable since they do not charge per square foot, we can assume that if we consider decks and siding then we run into the price range we found in other sources that were ~$200 so this could be a fairly accurate estimate. It would probably be best to get more than one estimate from different companies before choosing which one to hire.

» Additional Comments: The $92 price is more of a flat rate for power washing while some other services gave an average estimate per square foot, you can read into this however you like but it could also mean that the company has less overhead and costs to pay for which means they might be able to give better prices on larger jobs; This will definitely be something to consider when choosing between companies if the prices turn out to be similar otherwise it would likely not make too much of a difference since the different pricing methods are pretty close together in cost.

Power Washing Residential Property Sacramento CA
Power Washing Residential Property Sacramento CA

» Additional Notes:

  • It does not say that this is the cost per square foot, only that it was determined from studying several sources on power washing costs. While we can assume that they have taken an average somewhere in there, it would be best to check with other companies before making a final choice of who will do the best job and for what price considering how important it is to hire a competent company since this will be the difference between having a house that looks nice and one that looks like it has been through a hurricane.
  • It is important to check over your home’s exterior before hiring someone to power wash in order to determine if the job will be worth it when you have taken into account decks and siding, these can add an extra cost onto your exterior power washing bill so if you do not want to pay extra for these then make sure beforehand that they will not be necessary. If you need help figuring out what needs to get done consider looking over several estimates from different companies before choosing which one you want to hire so that you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in the near future.
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