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The Precautions Window Washers Have to Take

The Precautions Window Washers Have to Take

Window washers are the most extreme of all the professions. These people do not just clean windows, they must also climb them to do it. It’s a dangerous job that requires precision and skill, but also safety precautions. The necessary precautions are so important because these heights can be dangerous when climbing up them to clean windows.

The precautions when cleaning windows are very detailed. There are many different things that go into being a window washer. For example, who is doing the work, what building are you working on, what time of day is it, etc.? All these things play a role in how your day is going to go while cleaning windows. When starting your day as a window washer there are four different things that you must do before even beginning to clean. They are reading your plan, handwashing, pre-walking the route, and finally putting on your equipment.

Reading your plan is probably one of the easiest things that window washers have to do during their day. This involves looking at a map or an aerial view of where you are working with little red x’s marking where your access points are for every level of the building. This gives workers enough time to find out what each access point looks like along with which one will be the best avenue into the building.

Hand Washing is incredibly important because it means washing off any contaminants that could potentially damage any part of your body while you’re up there. As soon as you get to the top of the building and before you put on any equipment, make sure that you wash your hands.

Pre-walking the route is also something that you must do every day as a window washer. This involves walking along the path that you plan to take when walking your cleaning equipment as well as checking all your equipment as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be wasting time once up on those heights! Lastly, it’s important that people put on their safety gear before climbing onto roofs or into windows. It should be done in this order: Harness, Knee Pads (if necessary), Rope (for anchors), Cuffs (to connect harness & rope together), shoes/tape (leaving no exposed skin or hair), and lastly, cleaning supplies.

Residential Window Washing
Residential Window Washing

Other Precautions to Think About

The best window cleaners always take precautions. Continue reading for some other safety measures they need to think about. They need is an anchor point which will help secure them to the building they’re cleaning so they don’t fall off before finishing their task. This can be done with ropes or cables attached securely to beams inside or outside of the building. They then tie themselves into this rope or cable system using harnesses and carabiners then start washing away!

Window cleaners often use ladders as an alternative for getting up high enough to reach the windows, but they are not permitted in many cities.

There is always a spotter – somebody who is on the ground that has nothing to do with the work being done up above – that watches out for hazards or dangers that could threaten their life. This person is usually trained in what to look for when assessing risk and danger.

Professional washers have an important rule about when they can actually wash windows – it’s only when there are no people or cars directly below them! If you’re really high up, even if nobody else knows you’re there, it would be pretty dangerous if you fell…so never clean windows when someone might be looking up at your every move! If any of the safety precautions have been removed or compromised, window washers must abandon their work and come down from the building.

Professional Window Washer
Professional Window Washer
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