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Window Cleaning – Why Bother? 5 Benefits that Might Surprise You

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Is the world outside starting to look cloudy, even on clear days? If so, it might be time for a window cleaning. But the benefits of clean windows go way beyond just giving you a clear view to the great outdoors!

Below are our top five benefits of having clean windows. A few of them might surprise you – we know they surprised us when we learned about them!


Clean windows look nicer from the outside, improving the “curb appeal” of your home

You might have paid hundreds of thousands for your home, but if it’s got dirty windows, it sure won’t look like it. Windows are like anything else in your life: an unwashed car can look like a junker, an unwashed dog can look like a stray, and an unwashed person might look like they’re going through hard times.

But in reality, sometimes all that’s needed is a good old fashioned washing to bring out the shine again and have your home looking like a million bucks. It’s nicer to come home to a place that looks great, it’ll be more impressive to your neighbors and guests, and if you’re selling your house?

Clean windows are a must.


Window cleaning helps you avoid glass damage (aka “etching”)

Every homeowner knows that having a house sometimes feels like fighting a never ending battle against nature. Rain wants to come through the roof, insects want to come through the walls, and for some reason, certain damaging substances are really attracted to windowpanes.

If you’re by the ocean, salt and sand are sticking to everything.
If you’re near a wooded area, or just have trees on your property, sap, bark, leaves, and other plant material will find their way onto your windows.
In other regions, hard water can leave serious mineral deposits on your glass.

As each of these things build up on a window that hasn’t been properly cleaned, the result is small damage that leaves windows cloudy and reduces light coming in. If not addressed quickly and properly, the damage can be permanent!

Fortunately, a professional window cleaning company can keep undamaged windows protected.

(If you suspect your windows are damaged, please give Always Shine a call at 916-713-0735 or send us a message at info@alwaysshinewindows.com. We can help you figure out next steps.)


Dirty windows can reduce your air quality (really!)

Windows are more than just the glass. Cleaning windows is about the window sills and window tracks, which can harbor mold and other nasty things. If you’re harboring mold or mildew in your window setup, it’s important to get it taken care of, not just to keep things looking nice, but to protect your health, too! Anyone living in your house with asthma, allergies, or other illnesses and sensitivities is at increased risk.

Luckily, professional window cleaners can handle everything and keep your windows (and your lungs!) sparkly clean.


You can see through them better

Yeah, we know this one is obvious. But for anyone who might have missed the point, clean windows are much nicer to look out of. The grass is greener, the sun is shinier, and the neighborhood kids even look a little more well behaved.

(Okay, maybe not that last one.)

But if you don’t clean your windows, it’s like going through your day without rubbing your eyes in the morning… for months or years at a time. You won’t be seeing much that way.

It definitely pays to keep things clean.


Clean windows = fewer bug infestations and animal “houseguests”

Like we said above, window sills and window tracks can be havens for mold and mildew, but also all kinds of nasty bugs. Neglect a window long enough and you’ll soon be playing host to birds, and depending on where you live, squirrels, bats, or who knows what else!

It sounds farfetched, but most homeowners know that you can’t underestimate determined wildlife when it comes to messing up your house. To keep bees, wasps, and so much more from setting up shop in your window area, don’t skip regular window cleanings.


Okay, okay – I get it! I need clean windows. How to do it?

Use the pros – Always Shine!

If you’ve been delaying on cleaning your windows, sometimes cleaning them isn’t so straightforward. That’s why working with a professional window cleaning service like Always Shine is a great idea. We’ll have your windows gleaming in no time.

Don’t spend your weekend lugging a ladder all around your property. Leave the windows to the window experts – we’d be glad to serve you!

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