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I always get this question going into the rainy season – so here it is.

Many home and business owners panic as the first rain comes down. They see their gutters over flowing and they call me begging to come clean the gutters ASAP.

The truth is it’s all in the timing- when you clean your gutters.

If your property has no trees that drop leaves and other debris on your roof- you can clean your gutters anytime near the first rain or after. After that you will have gutters that work for the rest of the season.

If you do have trees that drop leaves on your roof, the ideal thing to do is clean your gutters twice per year. Once right before the rainy season, and another time after all the leaves drop. That is, if you only have the time and money to clean your gutters twice a year.

However, If you don’t have the time or money to clean your gutters twice, you can clean them once a year. The Idea time would be right after all the leaves drop. Although, there is ushually a few rains before all the leaves drops- so there will be a time in the beggining of the season that your gutters will likely overflow.

Oh- yeah- before I forget- make sure to blow off the leaves from the roof! If you don’t, the leaves may fall back in your gutters and clog them.. which is no fun!

Stay safe.


Kale Adams
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