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Yes! Finally! Some rain. This is great news for the environment, however this can bad news for your home if your gutters have not been cleaned. This is because all the leaves from the trees have fallen on your roof and gutters. Once your roof have been blown off and gutters cleaned, you will have perfectly running gutters the rest of the winter!

If you’re a customer of ours, you know we always blow off the roof before cleaning the gutters, hose out the downspouts, and clean up before we leave.

But, did you know that as part of our premium package, we haul away the debris?

Okay, but why would you care about that?

At this time of the year all the debris from your roof and gutters are wet. After the debris is removed and cleaned up, it’s put into the green waste bin. This wet debris can be very heavy, sometimes weighing upwards of 400 lbs.

Yeah, cleaning gutters this time of year is exhausting work. But, let us do the dirty work while you cozy up inside. We do it with a smile.. but only because we have such great customers 🙂


Kale Adams, Owner

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